The Juggernaut

If minds could be enemies
You’d be the worst
Acting last
Thinking first
Arguing with me, every day
Ruining moods come what may.
How can you fall from such a height?
And keep me so awake at night.
What do you want, except my time
Spent on worry and darkening life,
Keeping me in your prison of thought
Taking me down like a juggernaut.
Push and pull till I fall down,
And wear an almost permanent frown,
Racing heart and sodden palms,
All the while appearing calm.
Until I cannot fight any more,
And dark thoughts permeate my core.
Fighting still to see the light,
You can make day turn in to night.
What should you be doing now?
What is your life worth, you howl?
How can I concentrate on the present
When you’re in a state of dissent?
Torrid thoughts around my skull
All of them void and null.
Why must you torment me this way?
And stop me from just seizing the day
Life’s a gift you’re determined to steal
Please disappear and let me feel.

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